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October 28, 2021, marked the conclusion of a landmark case—the first jury trial addressing insurance coverage responsibilities for COVID-19 business interruption losses in the United States.

With the rapid proliferation of Coronavirus companies across the globe are increasingly encountering interference with the regular course of business. These interruptions include supply chain holdups, quarantines, lockdowns, staff absences and travel restrictions, not to mention disruptions caused by sheer fear connected to the virus. Though, should the worldwide expansion of Coronavirus constitute a force majeure event excusing contractual performance, nullifying contractual responsibilities and freeing parties from liability?

The past two decades have shown us that catastrophes and economic downturns can unleash tidal waves of lawsuits. After the attacks on September 11th, we witnessed a flood of filings that tested the limits of real estate insurance and health coverage policies for businesses and first responders at Ground Zero. Similarly, the Great Recession brought lawsuits against major financial institutions, claims alleging investors and regulators had intentionally been misled for years. What legal actions will the coronavirus pandemic bring? 

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What are Content Views?

Content Views are used to search, view, download, or print anything on Trellis. The amount of Content Views you receive (and whether you use them annually or monthly) depends on your plan. Each time you search, view, download, or print any item on trellis.law, one Content View will be used.

How many Content Views do I have?

Your number of Content Views is tied to your membership tier. You can check the number of Content Views you’ve used at any time by visiting the Account Overview section of your User Profile.

How are Content Views used?

Any view of new content is a Content View. Each time you run a new search, view, download (or print), any docket, document, ruling, judge, motion or issue page on Trellis, you use one Content View.

How many Content Views does it take to view a judge Bio?

One Content View.

How many Content Views does it take to view judge analytics?

Judge analytics dashboard is an add-on feature that requires an analytics subscription. For any judge dashboard page viewed, you will use one Content View. Please Contact Sales to add Judge Analytics to your account today.

When do I get more Content Views?

Content Views are replenished at the beginning of your billing cycle. Your billing cycle will either be monthly or annual depending on your membership tier. If you’d like to move from a monthly plan, to an annual plan to receive all your Content Views for the year upfront, please Contact Sales.

What happens if I run out of Content Views and need more?

Content Views are replenished every billing cycle based on the date of your subscription. The number of Content Views replenished each cycle depends on your membership tier. If you run out of Content Views before your next billing cycle, you may upgrade to a higher tier. Reach out to the Trellis Sales team to learn more. If you’re not ready to upgrade, simply wait until the start of your next billing cycle.

What happens to my Content Views if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership, your Content Views will be lost, along with all of your other membership benefits.

What happens if I don’t use all my Content Views?

Your Content Views get replenished at the start of every billing cycle. Make sure to use your Content Views before your billing cycle ends, or you’ll lose them. If your usage varies monthly, you may want to consider moving to an annual plan for greater flexibility. Contact Sales to learn more about your plan options.

How many Content Views do I have during my free trial?

You have 75 Content Views during your free trial to use Trellis the same way as any paying member does.

What happens if I downgrade to a lower membership tier?

When you downgrade, you will have until the end of your current billing cycle to use your remaining Content Views. At the beginning of the next billing cycle, your number of Content Views will match your new subscription tier. Any Content Views that remain unused by the end of the previous billing cycle will be lost.

What happens when I upgrade to a higher membership tier?

Upgrading will get you more Content Views, along with additional membership benefits. The start of your next billing cycle will reflect your new number of Content Views.

What happens when I Pause my monthly membership?

If business is slow or you’re going away, pausing your monthly membership allows you to keep your activity history and active alerts tracking for a fraction of your membership cost. Paused members are unable to search, view, download, or print on any pages on Trellis, but will still receive alert notifications, and have your account history and login credentials preserved. You will need to resume your membership in order to unlock resume your membership benefits.