Judge Biographies

What Are Judge Biographies?

How to find information about my judge?

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Trellis offers practical Judge Biographies for state trial court judges.  Each biography includes subjective information on a judge, including career history, political affiliation, articles by and about the judge, as well as practical information such as the court clerk’s phone number, rules that are applicable in the courtroom, etc.  

Much like our other core features such as Smart Search, our biographies are designed to save you time.  Before writing a judge biography, our team of experienced researchers will gather all of the information on a judge that’s publicly available on the internet.  You won’t have to “Google” the judge to analyze their background – we’ve done that work for you, and have compiled all of that information on one easy-to-read page. All of our sources are also linked in the Judge Biography.  

Using our Judge Biographies, you can make educated assumptions about your judge in general. 

In particular, a judge’s career history and experience as an attorney may be fruitful intel!  You can get an understanding of how familiar your judge is with certain practice areas relevant to your case and whether they may have any potential biases, helping you to assess whether you should focus on educating the judge from the very start of your case. 

Lastly, we map every biography to the judge’s actual court dockets, motion rulings, and orders. The Trellis database aggregates state trial court rulings and orders from judges all over the country.  Simply scroll to the bottom of biography to find a running list of relevant dockets and court filings.  

💡  We strongly recommend that after viewing a Judge Biography, you then use Smart Search to further research the judge’s rulings in cases with legal issues that are similar to yours.  Using keywords and various Boolean operators, try searching a combination of your judge’s name, a legal issue/topic (including case dispositive issues that form the heart of your case), and/or a motion type.  Utilized together, Judge Biographies and Smart Search will help you gain a more holistic understanding of what your judge has done in the past so that you may better predict what they’ll do in your case.