Motions & Issues Directory

Accessing the Motions & Issues Directory

Follow these steps!

  1. Click on the Motions & Issues tab at the top of the Trellis homepage.

  2. Select the state/jurisdiction you’d like to research using the left side column of the directory.

  3. Click the “Motions Type” tab or the “Legal Issues” tab to view a list of treatises for the state you selected, and click on any treatise that interests you.  If you don’t see motion/issue you're looking for, you can use search bar to narrow the list.  

    🔎  If don’t see the motion type or legal issue you’re looking for, it doesn’t mean we don’t have information on it – it simply means your next best option is to use our Smart Search function to search your motion type or legal issue across state trial court Rulings, Documents, and Dockets.