State Rules Library

What Is the State Rules Library?

Trellis provides free access to state statutes, codes, rules and regulations via our State Rules library.  There, you may search for and analyze the full text of any laws that interest you.  

What differentiates us from other state law databases is that we map every statute, code, rule and regulation to real world court filings that cite to and analyze these laws, allowing you to immediately access and review how other attorneys and judges have applied the legal authorities you’ve just read.  Our goal is to save you time on your research and writing projects by combining knowledge of the law with examples of real world application.    

Simply scroll to the bottom of State Rule page to find a running list of relevant court filings that reference the law, updated on a daily basis.  The Trellis Database aggregates filed Documents and Dockets from state trial courts all over the country and makes them searchable from a single interface (Smart Search).  By linking our database to statute, code, rule or regulation, our goal is to provide attorneys with an invaluable shortcut in their research and writing process.