About Documents, Generally

What Is the “Documents” Tab on the Smart Search Results Page?

Every civil litigation case has a case docket, which is a formal record in which a judge or court clerk notes all of the proceedings and filings in a court case.  The docket lists the judge, parties, attorneys of record, as well as every document filed in the case and the date it was filed.  These documents include all materials filed in relation to the case, including pleadings, motions, memoranda, briefs, declarations, and court rulings/orders.  

The Trellis Database aggregates civil litigation case documents from Dockets all over the country and makes them searchable and accessible from a single interface.  You may access case documents by running a search query using our Smart Search function and then clicking on the Documents tab.  The body and text of documents are searchable on Trellis, not just the title, which means you can find information that you would never know existed if you only used the actual county court website.