How to Search for Dockets on Smart Search
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Searching for Dockets on Smart Search

How to find a specific case docket on trellis.

Searching for a Specific Case - Watch Video

Dockets Overview/ Page/ Update Case - Watch Video

  1. Enter the keywords you want into the Smart Search search bar at the top of the Trellis homepage (such as your legal issue, motion type, judge, opposing counsel, etc.).

  2. Use Boolean operators with your keywords to focus your search, such as AND or OR.

  3. Select one or more states you want to search in (CA, NY, TX, etc.) using the dropdown menu to the right of the search bar. When you have a particular state selected, you are searching across the state trial courts of that state.  

  4. Click on the Dockets tab to review the results of your search.  


🌎  Don’t forget to check our Coverage page to see which states and counties we cover, including which counties currently have documents on Trellis.  We acquire new data and jurisdictions daily.  If we currently do not have the county you need, please recommend it here.  We use these to prioritize new counties.