Court Comparison Add-On

What is Court Comparison and What Type of County Analytics are Available?

The Trellis database aggregates hundreds of millions of state court civil litigation Dockets and Documents from all over the country and makes them searchable and accessible from a single interface.  Trellis aggregates county data including dockets, judges, practice areas, motions, outcomes, and more and creates a report to help you make informed decisions. 

The Trellis Court Comparison analytical report displays historical docket data across up to 3 counties, helping you to predict the grant rate of your motion or the likelihood of your preferred case outcome, to name a few. The metrics are comparable across up to 3 counties, providing you with the tactable ability to know which county gives you the best strategic advantage. Most of our metrics can further be broken down by practice area and matter type.  

We strongly recommend that after viewing a Court Comparison Analytical Report, you then use Smart Search to further research rulings in cases with legal issues that are similar to yours.  This will help you understand the “why behind our analytics.  Utilized together, Court Comparison and Smart Search will help you gain a more holistic understanding of what your counties have done in the past so that you may better predict what will happen in your case.  

The Court Comparison Analytical Report contains four main sections of data: 

  • At a Glance: The first section of your report displays important high-level metrics across up to 3 counties of your choice. The metrics include the number of active cases, the number of active judges, the motion grant rate percentage, the average case duration, verdict by party, and a breakdown of cases by practice area. 
  • Motions: The second section displays an overview of motion rates across granted, denied, and partial status. Grant rate is further broken down by party. Motion rates can further be filtered by specific practice areas. 
  • Outcomes: The third section displays case outcome metrics, i.e., data on how cases are getting disposed of before a judge. You’ll find information on how often cases before your judge are going to jury verdict, getting removed to federal court, consolidated with other cases, etc.  You can also filter by practice area. 
  • Milestones: The last section displays time analyses such as average time to case management conference, average time to first dismissal order, average time to trial, and average case duration. You may also drill down by practice area.

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