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Finding State Trial Court Cases

Help With State Trial Court Research

How to Find a Specific State Trial Court Case

How to Find an Attorney's Filed Documents  In Other Cases 

How to Find and Search Filed Documents In State Trial Courts

        How to Narrow Your Search By Date                


How to Narrow Your Search of Filed Documents 


    How to Search Tentative Rulings in CA                                                                                        

How to Search Verdict Info for Trial Court Cases in CA & NY  



Researching and Analyzing State Trial Court Information

    How to Research Judge Rulings Outside of   CA State Trial Courts

            How to Research Your Judge's Rulings              

    How to Research Your Opposing Counsel's Other State Trial Court Cases 

              How to Use the State Trial Courts                  as a "Brief Bank"

                       How to Find Analytics on                      State Trial Court Judges 

    How to Find Verdict Analytics in CA and NY     

    How to Print Judge Analytics 



    Managing and Updating Case Information

    How to Change and/or Delete Alerts

    How to Update a Case Docket

    How to Track a State Trial Court Case



    Requesting and Obtaining Documents

    How to Request Filed Documents From State Trial Courts That Require Purchase

    How to Request Free Filed Documents in    Los Angeles Superior Court


    Sharing and Collaborating on State Trial Court Data

    How to Share State Trial Court Data           With Other Users



      Using Trellis Motions and Issues Library

      How to Use Trellis Motions and Issues Library