Find Templates in our “Brief Bank”

Instead of spending excessive man hours on research in order to draft a motion from scratch, check out the Documents Tab to look for a successful motion that fits your needs as a way to kickstart your motion drafting process.

Search Examples:

“Motion Type”“Motion in Limine”
“Motion in Limine”“Summary Judgment” AND Fraud
“Motion Type” AND Case Dispositive Issues“Summary Judgment” AND “disability discrimination”
“Motion Type” AND “Specifics”“Motion to Compel” AND “sanctions”
“Motion Type” AND (“Specifics” OR “Specifics”)“Summary Judgment” AND (Memo OR “Proposed Order”)
Judge:last-name AND “Motion type” AND “Specifics”Judge:bachner AND “summary judgment” AND disability AND “reasonable accommodation”
Party:“party name” AND “Motion Type”Party:“lewis brisbois” AND “Attorney’s Fees”
“Motion Type” AND “Document Type”“Demurrer” AND “Memo”
“Motion Type” OR “Motion Type”“Summary Adjudication” OR “Summary Judgment”
“Motion Type” NOT “Specifics”“Motion to Quash Service” NOT Subpoena

This is also another good way to see what law a particular judge finds to be persuasive.

*PRO TIP – You can also use this function to see what arguments opposing counsel has made on the same or similar issues so you can prepare accordingly.