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"View Document" and "View Tentative Ruling" Buttons (Free)

These documents are from our crowd-sourced library and are free to access. Follow these steps to learn how to find them!

  1. Enter the keywords you want into the Smart Search search bar at the top of the Trellis homepage (such as your legal issue, motion type, judge, opposing counsel, etc.). 

  2. Use Boolean operators with your keywords to focus your search, such as AND or OR.

  3. Select one or more states you want to search in (CA, NY, TX, etc.) using the dropdown menu to the right of the search bar. When you have a particular state selected, you are searching across the state trial courts of that state.  

  4. Click on the Dockets tab to review the results of your search, and click on any Docket that interests you.

  5. On the Docket page, you’ll see docket entries on the lower half of the page.  If you see  “View Document” or “View Tentative Ruling” buttons, clicking them will display the document/tentative ruling to you immediately, free of charge.