How do I find a docket?

To find a docket click on the Smart Search bar and enter your search terms. Be sure to choose the applicable state at the end of the search bar. The dockets that contain the same search terms will appear on the results page.

You can always search for the party, case name, or case number in the Smart Search bar OR you can enter that information at the bottom of the left hand column on the results page.

Note: You don’t have to fill in all the information in a field, nor do you have to fill in all the fields.

Click here for some helpful search examples.

How do I download, print, or share a docket?

Sometimes it is handy to have a downloaded or printed version of the docket. While viewing a docket click the Download Docket or Print Docket button.

To share a docket, all you need to do is click on the Share Docket button. This will cause an envelope to appear. Just type in the person’s email address, a subject line, and a message and the docket will automatically be attached as a link.

If you are not done with your research, you can click through other parts of the site and the envelope will remain open until you click Send Envelope or exit out of the envelope.

For more information on envelopes, click here.