How can I upgrade my subscription?

If you are interested in upgrading your subscription, you can speak to a Sales Representative by calling: (323) 870-7754.

How do I change my account details and password?

Update your account details like name, email address, and password anytime by following these steps:

1) Click your name on the upper-right corner and click Profile.

2) Edit any field you’d like to change. You can even upload a Profile picture.

3) You can also change your password by clicking on Change Password.

How do I create an account?

It’s easy to create an account! There are two ways.

  1. You can go to the Trellis home page and click on Sign Up; or
  2. You can go to the Trellis home page and click on Pricing to see pricing options and to sign up for a free trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Trellis does not refund partial month payments.

However, if you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so online.

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click on Account Overview.
  3. Click on Delete My Account.

You can also cancel at any point by calling (833) 787-3547.

How do I delete my account information?

We don’t share your name, email address, or any other personal information with anyone. However, if you want your account information deleted just send us an email.

If you want to see all the data we’ve stored that is related to you please email us.

What should I do if I lost my password?

Sometimes you lose or forget your password. No problem.

Just go to the login page and select the Forgot password? link. Enter your email address and an email will instruct you on how to get a new password.