User Dropdown

User Dropdown Description

Every Trellis account includes a user menu located in the top right corner of the Trellis home page. This user dropdown menu includes Profile, Account Overview, Billing, Activity History, Alerts, and Logout.

Below is a breakdown of the sections of your user dropdown menu:

  • Profile - hosts user information including email and can be used to reset your password
  • Manage Company Users - used to add, manage, or remove users from your account
  • Account Overview - hosts your subscription information and usage 
  • Billing - hosts your billing information including payment history
  • Activity History - hosts your user activity including your recent searches and docket views
  • Alerts - used to view and manage your Trellis alerts 
  • Logout - used to log out of your account


Your Trellis Profile hosts all of your user information including username, name, company, position, and more.   



Changes to your user information can be made directly in your profile.


Change password and logout are also available at the bottom of the page. 

Account Overview

Your Account Overview hosts your subscription information and usage. 


Account Overview includes Current Plan, Add-Ons, State Coverage, Status, and Content Views. 

  • Current Plan - the name of your subscription 
  • Add-Ons - the additional features you have access to beyond your current subscription
  • State Coverage - the state(s) included in your current subscription 
  • Status - the status of your subscription (active or trial)
  • Content Views - the overall usage of your content views out of the total content views available in your current billing cycle 

Trellis provides free access to 15 Content Views when you sign up.


Clicking on “Choose a subscription plan” will land you to the available subscription plans we offer. Trellis offers a FREE 14-day Trial to available subscriptions by selecting a subscription and entering in your credit card information. 


Trellis provides 75 additional Content Views and 5 Document Requests during your Trial period. 


Your Account Overview will update to reflect your new plan, add-ons, state coverage, status, start date, and usage.

Manage Company Users and Add Users to Your Account

Manage Company Users is a user management tool offered to the administrator of a subscription which allows you to add or delete users to your account.  You can access this feature and add users here

Use this feature to add, edit, and remove users from your subscription. We do not charge by user seat (number of logins), so we encourage you to invite your entire team! For each additional user that joins from your firm / company, we will add an additional 10 Content Views per month!*

To add additional Users to your account, enter in their name and email and press the SEND WELCOME button.  This will send the user an email with their direct login link to sign in to trellis.  




That user is now a member of your account.  The Welcome Email that includes the new user's login link will expire after 2 weeks.  Thus, you may need to resend the Welcom Email if the account is not activated in time.  

Inviting Users From Different Domains

You may invite any users to your account.  They do not need to share your email domain to be added to your account. 


Your billing information can be found on the billing page located here

Payment Information provides the credit card that you have on file. This payment method will be used for your recurring subscription and additional add-on purchases. You can update your credit card by clicking “Update Credit Card."



Invoice Recipient is the email address of your billing administrator. We will send a copy of every invoice to this email address. 

Past Invoices is a table of your invoice history providing the invoice date, status, amount, and invoice number for your reference. 

Change My Plan” can be used when you need to make a change to your subscription. You will be provided with your current subscription and one plan higher or lower, if available. 



“Contact Us” if you are interested in upgrading your subscription for additional coverage and Content Views. 


Select “Downgrade” to move to a lower subscription with limited coverage and a reduced number of monthly Content Views. By clicking the "Downgrade" button, you will be charged for a new plan starting on your next billing cycle.

Activity History

Activity History is a log of activity you performed on Trellis. Activity is organized in perverse chronological order by date. The time, activity, and a link to the activity is provided for easy navigation to your previously viewed content.


The Alerts page is your best resource for managing all of your active Alerts. Alerts are email notifications on a topic or docket when new information or a new case is filed related to your area of interest. 


Alerts can be created, edited, or deleted directly from this page. 



Use this page to log out of your Trellis account.  

To log back in to your trellis account visit