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Trellis API

Access state trial court data using API. Simplify your legal research and implement Trellis directly into your legal research workflow.


Trellis is a comprehensive AI-powered state court research and analytics platform built by litigators for litigators. Trellis brings structure and organization to trial court data in thousands of state courts across the nation readily available via our API. Trellis is continuously expanding with real-time data and the latest cases.

Trellis provides data enrichment beyond what state court websites have to offer. Trellis normalizes common fields across dockets, rulings, documents, and verdicts and provides proprietary classifications on dockets and docket events. All of this is available via API.

About the Trellis API

  • Alerts - receive real-time notifications when new information is available on your case. Configurable webhooks provide detailed response on what changed so you can easily monitor all of your active cases
  • Smart Search - bulk access to rulings, dockets, and documents
  • Docket / Case Data - look up case information including parties, attorneys, documents, events, and more
  • Docket Refresh - request a real-time update of a docket to view the most recent events and documents
  • Rulings - bulk access to the latest tentative rulings in California
  • Documents - bulk access to documents associated to a particular case, county, state, topic, and more
  • Judges - view key information related to judges and gain insights into recent rulings, motions, and cases
  • Webhook - receive notifications related to alerts, case refresh, and document purchases

How do I access the API? 

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