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Accessing Federal and State Trial Court Data with Trellis API

As of May 2024, we're excited to introduce API V2, a significant update that maintains the features of V1 and adds federal and PACER integration into the mix. With V2, you can now access a broader range of legal data.


Trellis is your go-to solution for seamlessly accessing state and federal court data through our powerful API. Whether you're conducting legal research or integrating Trellis directly into your workflow, we've got you covered. We have the most extensive litigation data repository, featuring a complete coverage of all State Trial, Federal, Appellate, Supreme Court, and Bankruptcy cases.

Trellis is a comprehensive AI-powered legal research and analytics platform built by litigators for litigators. Through our API, Trellis provides transparency and access to state and federal courts which were previously siloed and fragmented. And, Trellis is continuously expanding with the real-time addition of the latest filings and data.

About the Trellis API

  • Alerts - Stay on top of your cases by receiving customized notifications, including new court filings, decisions, or other updates relevant to your practice areas. Never miss out on critical information that could affect your case.
  • Smart Search - Easy search to quickly gain access to rulings, dockets, documents, and more.
  • Docket / Case Data - Instantly access important case information, including parties, attorneys, documents, events, and more.
  • Docket Refresh - Don’t see the latest? Request an update of a docket to view the most recent events and documents.
  • Rulings - Comprehensive access to the latest tentative rulings.
  • Documents - Full access to documents associated with a particular case, county, state, topic, and more.
  • Judges - Leverage valuable data regarding judges and gain actionable insights into recent rulings, motions, and cases.
  • Webhook - Receive customized notifications related to alerts, case refreshes, and document purchases.

How do I access the API? 

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