Judge Research – 170.6 Peremptory Challenge

Judge Research – 170.6 Peremptory Challenge

Are you thinking about dinging your judge but need some more information? A great way to start is by reviewing the Judge’s Analytics Dashboard.

If you still need more information, try a Smart Search


#1 recommended search terms: judge:lastname AND 107.6

Here’s an example below of the search for: judge:byrdsong AND 170.6.

What’s great about this is that when you go through the dockets you will see whether the case was with the judge you looked up when a party filed a 170.6 or whether it ended up with that judge as a result of a 170.6. 

Things to think about:

  • See what parties have been filing peremptory challenges against this judge. Is it more Plaintiffs or Defendants?
  • Once they do file the peremptory challenge, where are they reassigned? Is that judge a better or worse fit for your case?