Why Can't I Find My Judge?

Why Can't I Find My Judge?

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you can't find your judge on Smart Search.

On Smart Search, start with using the Boolean operator judge:last-name when you want search result items that have a specific judge listed as a judge of record on the court docket.  (Do not include any spaces between judge:last-name.)  


Additionally, instead of using the (judge:last-name) Boolean operator, you can always try searching variations of the judge’s name in quotation marks



If you’re unable to find your judge, first make sure that you’ve selected the right jurisdiction in the drop down menu to the right of the Smart Search search bar: 


If you’re still unable to find your judge, keep in mind that every state and county lists judge information differently on their Dockets.  In fact, some courts don’t list the judge’s name at all on their Dockets, choosing only to display the judge’s department number.  If the actual court website doesn’t list the judge’s name on their docket, it’s possible that we’ll be unable to map court dockets to that judge.  Please check how your jurisdiction/court lists this information.