If you want to stay informed on the topics that matter to you, you can set up alerts and share with others.

How to Create an Alert

  1. Click on Track This Topic found underneath the Smart Search results bar.
  2. Click on Email Me Case Changes found on the Rulings, Dockets, and Documents page.
  3. Click on Email Me Judge’s New Cases found on the Rulings and Dockets page.
  4. Click on Email Me New Cases found on the Rulings and Documents page.
  5. Create new alerts directly from the Alerts page.

Set an Alert directly from the Parties section

Sample search: summary judgment AND memo

How to Share an Alert

If you want to share an alert, you can do so by clicking on “Add other recipients,” which will appear on the Alert Confirmation. Here you can enter as many emails as you’d like and they will also be sent an email alert.

How to Exclude Yourself from an Alert

If you only want to share an alert with someone else and don’t want to be included in the alert emails, all you need to do is check off the box next to “Exclude myself from this Alert.”

How to Edit an Alert

Simply click on the pencil icon and add more terms to further narrow the search or simplify the alert to get a wider range of results.

Alert Preview

The Preview, which you can view by clicking on the Preview button next to the alert topic, will showcase relevant and responsive Dockets. And in California, the Preview will also include responsive Tentative Rulings.

How to Delete an Alert

To delete an alert, all you have to do is click on the trashcan icon next to the alert you would like deleted.