Alert Settings

Deleting Alerts, Adding Multiple Alerts, and Disabling Alert Suggestion Pop-Ups

If you wish to delete Alerts you’ve previously added, add multiple Alerts at the same time, or disable Alert Suggestion pop-ups, you may do so from your Alert settings.  

How to Find Your Alert Settings

  1. You may access your Alerts by navigating to the upper right hand corner of the Trellis site and clicking your profile icon.  

  2. Click on the Alerts button to access your Alert Settings.

Disabling Alert Suggestion Pop-Ups 

If you wish to disable Alert Suggestion pop-ups, simply toggle that setting off in your Alert Settings.


Setting Multiple Alerts at One Time

Lower on the Alerts settings page, you’ll see fields where you may set up multiple alerts at one time.

  1. First, type in whatever legal issue or case number you’re interested in. 

  2. Second, select whether you want to track Dockets or Rulings, and the jurisdiction you’d like to track.

  3. Lastly, click “Add Alert” to the right side of the search bar.  

Editing or Deleting Alerts  

If you want to delete or edit any of your Alerts, all of your Alerts will be listed on the bottom half of the Alert Settings page.  

You can go through and click the trash can buttons to delete.

If you want to change the Alerts, click the pencil / edit buttons.