Why Can’t I Find Rulings By My Judge?

Why Can’t I Find Rulings By My Judge?

Tentative Rulings

Keep in mind that the Tentative Rulings tab is only available for searches in California.

If you are conducting a search in California and still don’t see any tentative rulings issued by the judge you are looking for, some judges do not issue tentative rulings or they only issue them to parties in person the day of the hearing.

A good way to check whether your judge issues tentative rulings is to check their courtroom information page.

Orders & Rulings

If you are looking to find orders and rulings issued by a judge, check out this page.

Documents May Not Be Available

Depending on the county, we may not have documents available. As some counties have not yet transitioned to the e-filing system, or have only recently transitioned, Trellis does not yet have access to these documents.

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