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"Verdicts" Tab on Smart Search Results Page

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  1. What Is the "Verdicts" Tab on the the Smart Search Results Page?
  2. Searching Verdicts, Arbitration Awards, and Settlements in CA and NY
  3. Filtering Verdict Search Results

What Is the “Verdicts” Tab on the Smart Search Results Page?

Trellis offers the ability to search for jury trial verdicts, bench trial verdicts, arbitration awards, and mediated settlements in California and New York on Smart Search. Customers may purchase this feature as an add-on to their subscription.  If you’re interested in this add-on, reach out to  

You may access Verdicts by running a search query using our Smart Search function.  The Verdicts tab will display verdict data and analytics based on your keywords (across CA and NY) and give you access to the underlying cases. 

Searching Verdicts, Arbitration Awards, and Settlements in CA and NY 

  1. Enter the keywords you want into the Smart Search search bar at the top of the Trellis homepage (such as your legal issue, practice area, judge, opposing counsel, etc.).

  2. Use Boolean operators with your keywords to focus your search.

  3. Select CA or NY as the state you want to search in on the dropdown menu to the right of the search bar.

  4. Click on the Verdicts tab to review the results of your search.


  5. A chart will populate with the median and average of the verdict awards related to our search including, the lowest verdict, the highest verdict, a percentage breakdown of the verdict types, etc.    

  6. If you click into any of the underlying case Dockets in your Verdicts search results, you’ll find detailed verdict information which may include a description of the case, the case type, names of experts who testified at trial, verdict type, verdict amount, jury vote breakdown, and/or a description of the jury’s findings.  Analyzing this information and the docket beneath it will allow you to assess whether this case is a good comparison to your own.  

Filtering Verdict Search Results

After running your search query, you may also filter based on Practice Area, Case Type, Verdict Type, Type of Injury, Award Amount, Date Range, Judge and County using the filters on the left hand column:


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