Smart Search Examples

Smart Search Examples

Here are some helpful search tips & examples to help you get started.

Judge Research:

judge:lastname AND county:namejudge:miller AND county:orange
“judge’s last name judge’s first name”“fuji holly”
judge:lastname AND legal issuejudge:alacron AND fraud
judge:alacron AND “wrongful termination”
judge: lastname AND motionjudge:bachner AND motion to compel
judge:bachner AND “motion to compel”
judge:bachner AND motion AND compel
judge:lastname AND pleadingjudge:keosian AND default judgement
judge:keosian AND “default judgement”
judge:lastname AND practice areajudge:orozco AND labor
judge:orozco AND insurance
judge:lastname AND specificsjudge:sturgeon AND sanction
judge:sturgeon AND fees

Motion Research:

motion namemotion to compel arbitration
“motion to compel arbitration”
motion AND compel AND arbitration
motion AND “compel arbitration”
motion AND arbitration
motion name AND specificsmotion in limine AND improper character evidence
motion in limine AND “improper character evidence”
“motion in limine” AND improper character evidence
“motion in limine” AND “improper character evidence”
in limine AND improper character evidence
in limine AND improper AND character AND evidence
motion name AND legal issue AND specificssummary judgment AND disability AND reasonable accommodation
“summary judgment” AND disability AND reasonable accommodation
“summary judgment” AND disability AND “reasonable accommodation”
motion name AND pleading namemotion to compel AND memo
motion to compel AND separate statement
motion to compel AND opp
motion to compel AND proposed AND order
county:name AND motion namecounty:losangeles AND demurrer
motion name AND decisionmotion for summary judgment AND grant*
motion for summary judgment AND den*
“summary judgment” AND grant*
“summary judgment” AND den*
demurrer AND sustained
demurrer AND overruled
motion name NOT other motionsummary AND judgment NOT adjudication

Legal Research:

legal topic“economic loss rule”
“wrongful termination”
“premises liability”
premises AND liability
code section/ruleCCP 2016.040
Code of Civil Procedure 2016.040
code section/rule AND specificsCCP 2016.040 AND meet and confer
legal topic AND motion998 AND attorney’s fees
practice area AND specificsemployment AND discrimination

Opposing Counsel/Competitor Firm Research:

“Law firm”Skadden
“Lewis Brisbois”
“Attorney name”“Shannon Erika Liss-Riordan”
“last name first name”“Clark Nicole”
“last name first name middle initial”“Dolin Tionna G.”
“Law firm” AND practice area“gordon rees” AND insurance
“Law firm” AND “motion type”“DLA Piper” AND “Summary Adjudication”
“Law firm” AND motion AND “document type”“Nixon Peabody” AND demurrer AND memo
“Law firm” AND Judge:lastname“Latham Watkins” AND judge:liu

Expert Research:

keywordsterms to add with ANDmore terms to add with AND
full nameexpert“motion in limine”
“in limine”
“full name”“expert AND designation”“in limine” AND expert
first name AND last name“expert AND witness”“motion to disqualif*”
“last name first name”“declaration AND expert”“motion to disqualify” AND expert
“last name first name middle initial”expert witness AND disclosure“exclude expert”
expert:nameexpert AND testimony“exclude expert testimony”

Settlement Research:

motion approv* class action settlement
motion approv* class action settlement AND opposing counsel/firmmotion approv* class action settlement AND “sidley austin”
Company AND settlementUber AND settlement
Company AND “class action settlement”Uber AND “class action settlement”
approv* PAGA settlement
approv* PAGA settlement AND opposing counsel/firmapprov* PAGA settlement AND nourmand

Class Action Research:

Company AND “class action”Uber AND “class action”
Law Firm AND “class action”“Lewis Brisbois” AND “class action”
issue AND “class action”“wage and hour” AND “class action”
Company AND expertUber AND expert