Smart Search Basics

Use the Smart Search bar how you would normally conduct a search.

Mix and match boolean operators to further narrow your search.

AND – Both terms must appear in the search result
OR – Either term can appear in the search result
“ “ – The exact phrase must appear in the search result
* – Search results will be shown for terms matching the word before the * operator
( ) – Group terms together. You can also use AND and/or OR inside the parentheses

Judge:last-name – Filter by a specific judgeJudge:fujie​
Party:party-name – Filter by a specific party nameParty:“Lewis Brisbois”
County:name – Filter by a specific countyCounty:losangeles

For each one of the search functions listed in the chart above, no spaces are needed. If the party has multiple parts to their name, you can put the name in between quotations.

State Drop Down

The state drop down selection is based on your current location. However, if you change the selection, it will remain on the selected state. You can check off more than one state at a time but you will only see full results for the states that you have a current subscription to.

Questions about Coverage?

If you’re curious about our coverage, you can check out our coverage here. Available on the coverage page is information on the states covered, the number of counties covered, the total number of dockets and documents available to search, and the total number of judges we have information on.