Set a Custom Date Range for Your Search Results

Set a Custom Date Range for Your Search Results

There are two ways to add a date range to further narrow your search.

Advanced Search

You can add a date range for your search via the Advanced Search function. The Advanced Search function is available both before and after you conduct a search.

If you want to add a date range before you conduct a search, simply click on the Advanced Search button underneath the Smart Search bar and a drop down will appear. There you will see 3 Date options you can choose from:

  1. Last 6 months;
  2. Last Year; or
  3. All Time.

After you’ve selected the time frame that you want and have entered the search terms, you can go back and click the magnifying glass or press enter to conduct the search in the selected time frame.

You can also do the steps above after a search has already been completed. The Advanced Search Button will be to the bottom right of the Smart Search bar.

Docket Filter

If you need a more specific date range, try this method.

After you’ve conducted your search, click on the Dockets Tab. If you follow the left column all the way down you will see a way to filter by Case.

Click on the calendar icon and you will see a drop down. You can select from these date options:

  • All;
  • Last 30 Days;
  • Last 6 Months;
  • Last Year;
  • Last 2 Years;
  • Last 5 Years; or
  • Custom Range.

If you click on Custom Range you can pic the dates between which you would like to reconduct the search. After you’ve selected dates, click Apply then click on Refine and your search will be refreshed.