Judge Research – Rulings & Orders

Judge Research – Rulings & Orders

If you are searching for a judge’s past tentative rulings or orders, here are some tips to help you get started.

Tentative Rulings

If you are conducting a search in California, there is a Tentative Rulings tab that will populate responsive results for your search.

Tentative Rulings are great as they oftentimes lay out the judge’s thought process on a substantive issue, whether it is the law they find persuasive or actual settlement numbers.


If you are searching outside of California or the judge you are searching does not issue tentative rulings, no worries! You can conduct the same search and search through the responsive dockets for the order you are looking for.

Helpful Search Examples:

judge:lastname AND motionjudge:mooney AND motion to compel
judge:lastname AND motion AND specificsjudge:green AND anti-slapp AND fees
judge:lastname AND specificsjudge:byrdsong AND default judgment

Once you’ve entered your search terms, go through each docket to look for the specific order/ruling. You can use the Ctrl + F function or the Case History search bar.

You should be able to view the order/ruling by clicking on the View Document button.

If you are conducting a search in Los Angeles county, you might see the Get Document button, check out this page on requesting documents in LA County.