Settlement Research

Settlement Research

Since class action settlements have to be approved by the court, Trellis is a great place to conduct settlement research, as we have over 100+ million field searchable documents!

How to Conduct Settlement Research

Start on the Smart Search page.


You may get better results by including the terms in the smart search bar rather than using the filters on the side column.

A great feature available on Trellis when searching in the state of California is access to Tentative Rulings.

You’ll notice that when you look through these Tentative Rulings that you will be able to find actual settlement figures.

You can even dive in deeper by adding additional search items in order to filter to the information you’re searching for.


Some class action cases may not appear in the Dockets tab so you can also look through the Documents tab to find additional relevant cases.

Helpful Search Examples:

motion approv* class action settlement motion approv* class action settlement
Company AND “class action”Uber AND “class action”
Company AND settlementUber AND settlement
Company AND “class action settlement”Uber AND “class action settlement”
Law Firm AND “class action”“Lewis Brisbois” AND “class action”
issue AND “class action”“wage and hour” AND “class action”