Requesting LASC Documents

If you are searching for documents in LA County, you may have noticed that not a lot of documents come up in the search results. This is because the LA County court charges for retrieval of the documents in its system.

The great news is that you can request these documents from us and we will pull them for you, at no cost to you.

All you have to do is click on the Get Document button and we will retrieve the document for you within 4 business hours.

Once Trellis has pulled the document for you, it will be sent straight to your email. The same document will then be uploaded to our system so that it is available for other Trellis users to view.

Number of Requests Available Per Account Type

Free Trial: 5 Requests over the 14-day free trial period
Grandfathered: 5 Requests over a 30-day period
Bronze: 5 Requests over a 30-day period
Silver: 20 Requests over a 30-day period
Gold: 50 Requests over a 30-day period
Platinum: 500 Requests over a 30-day period

If you need to purchase more document requests, see our page on upgrading your subscription.