Opposing Counsel Research – Basics

Opposing Counsel Research – Basics

What kind of things can you learn about your Opposing Counsel?

You can perform searches on opposing counsel to see: 

  • what type of cases they cover;
  • who they are representing or have represented; 
  • what documents they have filed; 
  • what motions they have won/lost; 
  • what judges they may have dinged;
  • what they have settled cases for; 
  • how they have done at trial, and more…

These insights make all the difference!

Helpful Search Examples:

party:“law firm”party:“Lewis Brisbois”
party:“law firm” AND “case type”party:“Gordon Rees” AND insurance
party:“law firm” AND “motion type”party:“Gibson Dunn” AND “motion to compel”
party:“law firm” AND “document type”party:“Jones Day” AND amended complaint
party:“attorney name”party:“Roy M. Brisbois”
“Law firm”Skadden
“Attorney name”“Shannon Erika Liss-Riordan”
“Law firm” AND “case type”Manatt AND real estate
“Law firm” AND “motion type”DLA Piper AND Summary Adjudication
“Law firm” AND “document type”“Nixon Peabody” AND demurrer AND memo
“Law firm” AND Judge:lastnameLatham Watkins AND judge:liu
“last name first name”“Clark Nicole”

You can also mix and match other keywords together to narrow your search.

Did you know that you can also set an alert for all of the search examples provided above?