Motion Research

Motion Research

Are you trying to conduct research for your motions? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Search Term Suggestions

judge:lastname AND motionjudge:fujie AND demurer
motion AND term“Motion to compel” AND arbitration AND den*
motion term AND termarbitration AND den*
motion AND issue terminologyarbitration AND collateral AND estoppel
motion AND (term OR term)“motion to compel” AND (pmk OR pmq)
county:name AND motioncounty:losangeles AND demurrer
motion NOT other motionsummary AND judgement NOT adjudication


You can use boolean operators such as ‘*’ to match words before the *.

For example, if I was searching for motion that had been denied, I can use the term den* so results including terms such as denied and denial would be included.

If you are in California and the judge issues public tentative rulings, you will see these populate with your search.

Otherwise, start on the dockets tab. Click on a case and review the docket entries listed below for the motion and/or order.

Use the Docket Entries search bar to make things easy.