How to see if a Motion was successful

How to see if a Motion was successful

Here’s how to check if a motion was successful.

This may come in handy if you are doing motion research or looking for a template from our “brief bank” of over 100+ million documents.

1. Enter search terms into our smart search bar.

*Click here if you need smart search examples.

Once you’re on the results page, click on the Email Me New Cases For This Topic button found underneath the search bar.

2. Set an Alert directly from the Parties section

Sample search: summary judgment AND memo

3. Click on and look through the Documents tab until you find a document you think may be on point for what you are researching.

4. Locate the Case Info on the right hand column and click on the Case No.

This will open the case docket.

5. Scroll down to the Case Events section and start typing in the name of the motion to narrow the list of docket entries.

You should be able to find the order associated with the motion you are researching.

6. Once you’ve found the Order/Tentative Ruling, click on View Document/View Tentative Ruling to review the judge’s order on that motion.

Click here on information on how to request LASC county documents.