If you’re looking for ways to look up information on experts, try out these suggested search terms:

Expert Name:

full name
“full name”
[“first name” AND “last name”]
“last name first name middle initial”

In addition to searching for the expert’s name, try adding these search terms below with the AND connector.

“expert AND designation”
“expert AND witness”
“declaration AND expert”
expert witness AND disclosure
expert AND testimony
“motion in limine”
“in limine”


Go through the results on the Documents Tab to see if you can find expert testimony that has been attached as an exhibit to a motion.

If you are searching for whether testimony has previously been excluded or whether an expert has been disqualified, try using these search terms below:

“in limine” AND expert
“motion to disqualify” AND expert
“motion to disqualif*”
“exclude expert testimony”
“exclude expert”