Court Documents

Court Documents

How do I search for a tentative ruling issued by the court, or documents issues by either side?

With over 100+ million searchable documents, Trellis has the largest database of tentative rulings.

Finding documents is as simple as a Google search. Search by keyword, issue, motion type, opposing counsel, etc., on the Smart Search page. Don’t forget to choose the applicable state, if necessary. Then click on the Rulings and Documents tab.

Some examples:

  • anti-slapp
  • equitable indemnity and contractual indemnity
  • terminating sanctions
  • civil code section 3294
  • motion summary judgement & wrongful termination
  • BC627574

You can also use these modifiers and booleans:

  • judge:abbott
  • “damages” AND “injuries” and “relief”
  • “modify” OR “amend”
  • negligen*
  • “motion” AND (“dismiss” OR “summary”)

For more help on using Trellis as a “Brief Bank”, check out our page here.

How do I download or print a court tentative ruling or document?

Sometimes it is handy to have a downloaded or printed version of the ruling or document. While viewing a ruling or document click the Download or Print button. You can even share a Ruling, Docket, or Document by clicking on the Share button.

How do I filter the Documents Tab?

Located on the left hand column you can further narrow the results with these filters:

  • Practice Area;
  • Motion Type;
  • Outcome;
  • Entry Type;
  • Judge; and
  • County.

Documents can also be sorted by:

  • Most Relevant; and
  • Newest to Oldest.

How do I file something in court?

Court documents must be filed in the county in which the matter is pending. Trellis is not affiliated with any specific trial court, nor do we assist parties with filing court documents. Please reach out to the applicable court or your counsel regarding your specific inquiry.