Judge Research – Basics

Judge Research – Basics

The smart search function is also a great way to do research on a specific judge.

In addition to seeing what law the judge finds persuasive on each issue, see how the judge has ruled on a specific issue and why. No more going to coworkers and asking about specific judges, you can look it up yourself!

Find the law that your judge finds persuasive.

You can search the judge and include a topic on which you want more information or insight.

Ex: judge:fujie AND “motion to compel”

Below you can see that in the Tentative Ruling Hon. Fujie cites to what she finds to be persuasive law regarding Motions to Compel.

You can also add more terms to further narrow your search. 

For example, if I wanted to further my search above to see if Judge Fujie grants Motions to Compel Person Most Knowledgeable (“PMK”) Depositions, I can type in:

Judge:fujie AND “motion to compel” AND PMK

You can comb through the documents to find the law she finds substantive and you can even click through the orders on each docket page to track if each motion was successful.

This way you can get the results you need by narrowing down your search.