Judge Analytics Dashboard

Judge Analytics Dashboard

The Judge Analytics Dashboard analyzes exactly how your judge rules on the most important pre-trial motions, and how those rulings compare to other judges.

Understand where your judge is an outlier, set your client’s expectations, and make data-backed decisions from the start of every case.

What is on the Judge Bio Page?

On the Bio page you will find useful information pertaining to the judge, not limited to:

  • The Judge’s Biography, Education, and Bar Number;
  • The Civil Superior Court associated with the Judge;
  • Who the Judge was appointed by;
  • Articles written by and about the Judge;
  • Courtroom Info & Rules; and
  • Recent Rulings & Cases from the Judge’s courtroom, if available.

At A Glance

Here you have a high level overview and stats all on one page.

Active Cases

In addition to providing the active number of cases currently assigned to this Judge.

Average Case Length

Here, Trellis provides the average number of days a case stays pending before a judge, from the first filing to the first dismissal order.

Motion Grant Rate

Here, Trellis provides the Judge’s overall grant rate across motion types. 

Verdict Data

Here, if there is enough analytical data available, Trellis provides information on the judge’s tendency to rule, whether it is more for the plaintiff or the defendant. 

The Verdict Data that is included is specific to bench trials.

Case Practice Area Breakdown

On the bottom of the page is a breakdown of all the types of cases that the Judge hears. You can use this to gage whether the judge hears this type of case often and are knowledgeable about this type of law or if they need to be educated. 


The third page available on the Judge Analytics Dashboard is the Motions tab.

Here you will be able to see the Motion Grant Rates for this particular Judge.

On the left hand column you will be able to filter by Motion Type. If the Motion you are looking for is not listed, there may currently not be enough data related to that particular motion.

If we don’t have enough analytical data for a specific report, we like to be transparent about that fact.


Also included in our Judge Analytics Dashboard is an Outcomes tab.

The Outcomes tab displays how this particular judge’s cases are actually getting disposed of. This is a great way to set expectations and to strategize early.

If you’d like a deeper look into a specific practice area, you can click on the one you want on the left hand side of the chart. 

Case Milestones

The last tab that is included in the Judge Analytics Dashboard is the Case Milestones page.

By providing average case milestones compared to other judges in the same county and state, we’ve allowed you to set client and partner expectations regarding timing for a specific case. 

On the top row there is information regarding the Average Case Duration and the Average Time to the Case Management Conference.

On the bottom row there is information regarding the Average Time to Trial and the Average Time to First Dismissal Order.